About Us

Animals 4 Healing is a 501(c)3 organization and our mission is to help children, adults, and veterans who have experienced a trauma achieve balance through connecting their body, mind, heart, and spirit by bridging evidenced based and experiential therapies with the assistance of animals, nature, music, and movement at an affordable cost.


We currently offer outpatient mental health therapy in several experiential forms, including equine-assisted psychotherapy, canine-assisted psychotherapy, therapeutic horseback riding, music therapy, and yoga therapy. We have wonderful, qualified mental health professionals that are ready and willing to provide experiential treatment.

Animals 4 Healing is unique because we incorporate therapeutic professionals, animals, nature, music, yoga, dance, and other forms of experiential therapies into evidenced based practices. We believe that healing can be and needs to be fun for all involved and at an affordable cost.

Instead of doing just talk therapy and teaching coping skills. We work with animals, nature and each individuals sole talent to help our clients learn, heal, and grow.

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